Burn it down (Taboos)

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.24.22 PM.png

I wish it wasn’t taboo for guys to talk about their feelings

Instead we got suicide rates higher than the ceilings

Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell would say it in their lyrics

If they were here today would we stick around to hear it?

Maybe cuz they’re men they’re suppose to keep it all in

To be feminine is always a fate worse than sin

Somehow communication is equivalent to weakness

Holding in the pain until it chokes us to make us speechless

Burn it to the ground because my friend is not around

Can somehow hear my pain he would be 53 now

I’ll see you soon buddy happy birthday old pal

The weight of this heartache got these tears streaming down

If we could talk about it openly and for once take it seriously

Maybe all those broken hearts would still be here with you and me

Maybe I wouldn’t have the exact same feelings at 17

Dream into existence what you want and make it be

Chasing after green to get the land of milk and honey

Funny how you think that everyday will be sunny

The grass looked greener because that grass was always fake

Use that dirty money to wipe all those tears away

My friend said paraphrasing how could that man not be happy

He got all the money in the world so make it snappy

If he can’t make it being rich how can I do any better

Well for one money doesn’t buy sunny weather

It doesn’t take the pain away, no dopamine to brain waves

That powder can only numb it and that liquid courage temporary

How many more people should we lose to make it necessary

Taboos are for cowards who hate the talk of real visionaries

Burn it to the ground or we’ll be writing more obituaries

Just because they’re smiling doesn’t mean their life’s a bowl of cherries

Burn it to the ground to save the ones afraid to say it clearly

Burn it to the ground to give a voice to those no longer speaking



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