“To silence the voices that turn heroes into villains and villains into gods

The loud roar of the sirens, this epidemic it feels like a virus

Your silence is a crime that strikes the minds of prisoners who have all the time in the world or who have absolutely none left

So, your silence is a voice to the living and dead

Your space, your voice is a deadly and vital weapon against the noise

The grey and white noise that spills out of the lips of an old age

The same noise that puts minds in chains

The same noise that through jacketed lead life escaped

The same noise that started a revolution within every unsung king and queen

The noise that for generations power ignored while uncrowned royalty would bleed

Your voice is strong enough to blow down walls

To silence the voices that turn heroes into villains and villains into gods

Your voice is a light that shines into the darkest of places

Where roaches will scatter in fear of being eradicated

Strong structures of castles and hierarchies that once were the norm

Cannot withstand the voice that turns winds into storms

Like a video game character his dream is not in it’s final form

Justice for red, white, blue and any other color born

Silence does not have to paralyze you

but your voice will paralyze the noise that craves the satisfaction of destroying everything in it’s path…including you


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